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Toode Saadavus Pakkumisi Hind
2968,81 €
−2775,74 €
Sharp õhupuhasti UA-KIL80E-W Air Purifier 62 m2 55 dB 103 W valge
Tootekood: UA-KIL80E-W GTIN: 4974019190365 Õhupuhastid ja niisutajad
Sharp UA-KIL80E-W. Müratase: 55 dB, Õhu puhastamise määr: 498 m³/h
959,00 €
−1419,98 €
LG CD player DVD DP542H
Tootekood: DP542H GTIN: 8806087739497 CD-mängijad
LG DP542HToote kirjeldus inglise keeles:
272,99 €
−1171,35 €
6337,02 €
−1046,22 €
Dreame L20 Ultra Complete White
Tootekood: RLX41CEC GTIN: 6976233671031 Robottolmuimejad
Imemise võimsus:7000 Pa; Koristusviis:Kuiv- või märgpuhastus; Tolmukoguja suurus:0,3 + 0,08 + 3,2 (Dust station); Filtri kood:4458651; Turbohari:On
1-3 tp
149,00 €
−919,00 €
Zebra ZT421, 203dpi, RFID, EU+UK
Tootekood: ZT42162-T0E00C0Z GTIN: 8596375235496 Etiketiprinterid
ZT421, 8 dots/mm (203 dpi), disp. (colour), RTC, RFID, EPL, ZPL, ZPLII, USB, RS-232, BT, Ethernet - label printer, midrange printer, thermal transfer, 8 dots/mm (203 dpi), media width (max.): 178 mm, print width (max.): 168 mm, roll diameter (max.): 203mm, speed (max.): 305 mm/s, USB (2x), RS-232, Bluetooth, Ethernet, emulation: EPL, ZPL, ZPLII, RAM: 256 MB, Flash: 512 MB, display (colour), real time clock, RFID (UHF), incl.: power cable (EU, UK), order separately: inter (ZT42162-T0E00C0Z)
4401,20 €
−905,30 €
Zebra charging station. 4 slots
Tootekood: CRD-TC51-5SC4B-01 GTIN: 5711783332312 Käsiterminalid
Charging station. 4x TC51/TC56. 4x spare battery. incl.: power supply. DC power cord. order separately: power cord. fits for: TC5X
199,00 €
−686,65 €
Sülearvuti Razer Blade 14 R9-7940HS/16GB/1TB/Win11 RTX4070 240Hz
Tootekood: RZ09-0482XEH3-R3E1 GTIN: 8887910010099 Sülearvutid
Razer Blade 14 14" QHD+240HZ R9-7940HS/16GB/1TB/NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070/ENG Backlit kbd/Black/2Y Warranty
3228,48 €
−656,64 €
1-3 tp
2069,06 €
−618,14 €
Mobiiltelefon Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G Enterprise Edition 128GB Phantom Black
Tootekood: SM-S908BZKDEE GTIN: 8806094261660 Mobiiltelefonid
The Galaxy S22 Ultra is slim and bold, with a polished frame that surrounds the extruded shape for elegant symmetry. And the linear camera, accented by mirrored lens rings, seems to float in place. Eject the S Pen from the bottom of the phone to write, sketch or control your phone. With the massive pixel sensors and shape-shifting pixels, this phone has Samsung's advanced Pro-grade Camera, packing the power of a professional's kit in one handheld device. Shoot into the night without sacrificing quality. The 4nm chip works its world-class power into nearly every aspect of your phone - resulting in epic night shots, incredibly clear photos from day to night and an optimized mobile gaming experience to lead you to victory.
686,99 €
−607,22 €
Suverehv Continental SportContact 6 ( 255/35 ZR20 (97Y) XL )
Tootekood: R-301775 Suverehvid
Continental SportContact 6 Loodud muljet avaldama. Kesk- ja luksusklassi sõidukitele ja mahtuniversaalidele. Täiuslik sooritus külmal hooajal. Täiustatud haarduvus talvistel teedel. With our revolutionary PrecisionPlus and S-Grip technology, no matter what surprises the road throws at you, the WinterContact TS 850 P is always prepared. Superior dry handling performance. A unique approach to tyre design ensures that you get extreme precision when accelerating and cornering. Väiksem pidurdusmaa. Continentali ActiveBand tehnoloogia lühendab oluliselt pidurdusmaad nii kuival kui märjal teel. Auhinnatud rehv. WinterContact TS 850 P on uue põlvkonna rehv Continentalilt. Väljatöötatud Saksamaal -- Continental pakub tippklassi rehve optimaalse pidurduvuse ja turvalisusega. Täiustatud haarduvus lumel tänu S-GRIP turvisele. Soovitatud ajakirja Auto Bild talverehvide testis 2014 ("silmapaistev", testitud mõõt: 235/35 R19 W/V).
307,87 €
−578,33 €
Külmik Liebherr Liebherr, jäämasin, 213 L, kõrgus 177 cm - Integreeritav sügavkülmik
Tootekood: SIFNEI5188-20 GTIN: 4016803044758 Külmikud ja jahekapid
• Integreeritud SmartDeviceBox • "Puuduta ja libista" ekraan • Ülivaikne • Kiirkülmutus • VarioSpace • Keeleseadistused • Fikseeritud veeühendusega jäämasin
1703,00 €
−575,00 €
1726,10 €
−568,90 €
Kasutatud mobiiltelefon Apple iPhone 14 Plus 256GB (Klass A+ (Ideaalne))
GTIN: 4740001449007 Kasutatud mobiiltelefonid
Apple iPhone 14 Plus 256GB (Klass A+ (Ideaalne))
261,08 €
−555,42 €
2801,86 €
−492,47 €
Bosch HMG976RB1S
Tootekood: HMG976RB1S Integreeritavad ahjud
Seeria 8, Integreeritav ahi, mikrolainefunktsiooniga, 60 x 60 cm, Must HMG976RB1S, Bosch
2275,30 €
−472,00 €
home4you Varikatus MIRADOR 3x4m, valge
Tootekood: HY-19482 GTIN: 4741243194823 Aia- ja õuemööbel
1-3 tp
2732,00 €
−467,00 €
Epson C13T887300 Magenta
Tootekood: C13T887300 GTIN: 871594664946 Printeritarvikud
Arv komplektis: 1; Tindi värv: Purpurpunane [Magenta]
609,00 €
−456,06 €
Mackie SRT212 aktiivkõlar
Tootekood: SRT212 GTIN: 663961058673 PA süsteemid
660,98 €
−406,84 €
13 928,02 €
−402,53 €
1-3 tp
1743,00 €
−398,91 €
Tootekood: SMT1500R2I-6W GTIN: 7330381448454 UPS-id ja lisaseadmed
APC Smart-UPS 1500VA 230V Rack Mount with 6 Year warranty Package (SMT1500R2I-6W)
1270,09 €
−390,71 €
Next Level Racing iRacing FGT LITE Simula tor Cockpit
Tootekood: NLR-S025 GTIN: 40835250331 Mänguritoolid
Weight: 19
1-3 tp
5,03 €
−379,76 €
Pesumasin Miele WTR870WPM
Tootekood: 12092000 GTIN: 4002516591481 Pesumasinad
2332,60 €
−366,40 €
Segway Elektriroller NINEBOT BY E125S
Tootekood: AA.50.0009.68 GTIN: 8720254405100 Elektrilised sõiduvahendid
The new, fashionable and sustainable way to ride: discover the premium Segway eScooter E125S! Not only the E125S has a total premium look with the luxury chrome metal and cognac finishes but is also smart thanks to many features integrated into the mobile App. In addition, thanks to its two batteries (included) located under the foot panel, benefit from an extra-long achievable range of up to 140 km* (WMTC range: up to 102 km (25km/h version) ; up to 81 km (45 km/h version)): you can ride where you want in peace. So put on your sunglasses and ride with style! The Segway E125S has everything to provide you with a pleasant and high-quality riding experience. With two batteries included, the eScooter has been designed so that the battery compartment is located at the bottom of the vehicle. This not only allows you to have enough room to store your things under the seat (27 L) but also to have the centre of gravity as low as possible. As a result, you will benefit from more stability and safety when driving.  This is what we call the golden riding triangle: the perfect balance to make your posture as pleasant, comfortable and safe as possible. As dynamic as its performance, the LED headlight is designed with a unique matrix structure and a full front horizontal display to produce a wider beam of light and illuminate your path ahead.  The headlight delivers a premium experience while following the brand’s mission of always building smarter and more energy-efficient products. As your safety is our number one concern, we integrated the ABS braking system in our premium Segway eScooter to avoid brake locking and skidding. In addition, the eScooter is equipped with front and rear hydraulic disc brake. Combined with our advanced EBS (Electronic Braking System), this creates a controlled and safe braking environment while recovering energy at the same time. Thanks to several new functions such as the Airlock function, parking and seat sensors, the RideyGo! Intelligent system will save you precious time. RideyGo! is a combination of smart features which reduces the locking/ riding/ unlocking process from 8 steps to 5 steps. The Airlock system within RideyGo! turns on/off your eScooter automatically without using any physical key. Instead, the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone* allows you to activate this function when you come closer or move away within 2-10 meters from the eScooter. Thanks to the AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System), your eScooter is anti-theft protected. With an integrated 4G-enabled SIM and GPS, you can track the eScooter’s location at any time. The Segway E125S’s smart security system detects any irregular movement and sends notifications directly to your smartphone within seconds to give you peace of mind. If your eScooter is locked with a battery inside, any unusual actions such as pushing, moving, or accessing the vehicle will trigger the alarm system. The Segway eScooter has the Smart Battery Management System (BMS) 6.0 which ensures a longer battery life and offers multiple smart functions.  Thanks to the BMS 6.0, your eScooter requires less maintenance. Not only will it monitor the amount of power, control the charging speed and adjust your real-time information when the battery is draining, but it will also prevent and protect the battery from over/undercharging. 
1-3 tp
3720,00 €
−345,64 €
APC Rack PDU 2G, Metered with Switching, 20A/208V, 16A/230V, (21) C13 & (3) C19
Tootekood: AP8659 GTIN: 731304299509 Serverid ja lisaseadmed
APC AP8659. PDU tüübid: Mõõdetud, Püstiku mahutavus: 0U, Toote värv: Must. AC-väljundite arv: 24 vahelduvvoolu kontakt, Elektripistik: C20 pistikut. Nominaalne sisendpinge: 200-230 V, Piirvool: 16 A, AC-sisendsagedus: 50/60 Hz. ...
1804,09 €
−336,75 €
Monitor Samsung 34" LCD C34J791WTP
Tootekood: LC34J791WTPXEN GTIN: 8806094771879 Monitorid
Ekraani suurus:34" (85 cm); Ekraani resolutsioon:3440 x 1440 2K UHD; Ekraani tehnoloogia:VA; Dünaamiline kontrastsus:3000 : 1; TV-tuuner:Ei
569,99 €
−328,17 €
SMS Flatscreen X FH M1455 WS Pallet shipment
Tootekood: PD031002-P0 GTIN: 7331394907747 Telerite lisaseadmed
256,74 €
−321,33 €
1902,40 €
−313,23 €
217,99 €
−311,01 €
Canon tindikassett PGI-550XL PGBK W/O SEC
Tootekood: 6431B007 GTIN: 8714574587264 Printeritarvikud
Canon PGI-550XL PGBK w/o sec. Printing colours: Pigment black, Photo ink colour(s): Pigment black, Cartridge capacity: High. Package type: Blister
1-3 tp
19,63 €
−308,56 €
Monitor LG 32" LCD 32UL950-W
Tootekood: 32UL950-W.AEU GTIN: 8806098338368 Monitorid
31.5 "/ 80cm, Resolution 3840x2160, 16: 9, 140dpi, Brightness 450cd / m², Contrast 1, 300: 1 (static), 5, 000, 000: 1 (dynamic), Reaction time 5ms, Viewing angle 178 ° / 178 °, Panel IPS (Nano IPS), HDR10, DisplayHDR 600, Shape straight, Coating matt (non-glare), Backlight White LED, flicker-free, blue light filter, Color depth 10bit (8bit with FRC), Color space not specified (sRGB), not specified (Adobe RGB), 98% (DCI-P3), not specified (REC 709), Refresh rate 60Hz, Variable synchronization Adaptive Sync / AMD FreeSync, 40-60Hz, Signal frequency 30-135kHz (horizontal), 56-61Hz (vertical), Connections 1x HDMI 2.0, 1x DisplayPort 1.4b, 2x Thunderbolt 3 (shared), USB Hub Out 2x USB-A 3.0, USB Hub In 1x Thunderbolt 3 (shared), Audio speaker (2x 5W), 1x line-out, Ergonomics 110mm (Height), 90 ° (Pivot), + 20 ° / -5 ° (Incline), Color black (frame), black (bar), silver (base), VESA 100x100 (occupied), Power consumption not specified (maximum), 53W (typical), 0.3W (standby), Annual consumption 77.38kWh, Energy efficiency class B, Power supply DC-In, Dimensions (WxHxD) 715x594x231mm (with stand), 715x412x45mm (without stand), Weight 6.80kg (with stand), 5.50kg (without stand), Highlights USB-C Power Delivery, D-pad, hardware calibration, picture-in-picture, software-based KVM switch
1085,99 €
−303,47 €
954,49 €
−285,38 €
Mackie ProFX16v3 (2051302-01)
Tootekood: 2051302-01 GTIN: 663961057935 Audio-videotehnika
526,69 €
−279,40 €
2556,11 €
−278,56 €
Dahua IP NVR salvesti 16 kanalit NVR4216-16P-4KS2/L, 16xPOE
Tootekood: NVR4216-16P-4KS2/L GTIN: 6939554981616 Valveseadmed
16 IP channel max, up to 8 MP resolution 160Mbps record rate, Smart H.265/H.265/Smart H.264/H.264/MJPE encoding VGA/HDMI up to 4K output Decoding Capability: 8 × 1080p@30 fps 2 SATA III ports, up to 10 TB for a single HDD, 10/100M/1G LAN No front panel control, 1/1 Audio I/O, 4/2 Alarm I/O, 2 USB 16 PoE ports. Total output power of PoE is 117W, the maximum output power of a single port is 25.5W Desktop mounted chassis (black), mouse included AI by Camera: Face detection, perimeter protection, IVS, people counting, heat map, and SMD Free IP monitoring software available ONVIF(profile T/S/G); CGI; SDK Other brands IP cameras supported by ONVIF; RTSP.
1-3 tp
158,04 €
−272,56 €
Steiner binokkel BluHorizons 8x32
Tootekood: STE-2344 Binoklid ja kaugusmõõtjad
Steiner binokkel BluHorizons 8x32
230,00 €
−270,48 €
Külmik Hitachi R-W661PRU1 (GGR)
Tootekood: R-W661PRU1 GGR GTIN: 8850207534455 Külmikud ja jahekapid
Hitachi | R-W661PRU1 (GGR) | Refrigerator | Energy efficiency class F | Free standing | Side by side | Height 183.5 cm | Fridge net capacity 396 L | Freezer net capacity 144 L | Display | 40 dB | Glass Gray
1-3 tp
925,10 €
−259,51 €
Caso WineChef Pro 40 Black
Tootekood: 00773 GTIN: 4038437007732 Veinikülmikud
• WiFi teel juhitav – tänu uuenduslikule CASO rakendusele saab mugavalt juhtida peaaegu kõikjalt. Jälgib + teavitab sekunditega Sinu nutitelefoni kõigist veateadetest; peaaegu kõikjalt juhitav valgus; äpp töötab Androidi ja iOSiga • Kvaliteetne kompressortehnoloogiaga veinikülmik • Mahutab kuni 40 pudelit (kõrgusega kuni 310 mm) • Sujuvalt töötavad kompressorid vähendatud vibratsiooniga jalgadel: taga rahulik ja vaikne asukoht, mida Sinu vein vajab • Individuaalselt reguleeritavad kaks eraldi temperatuuritsooni valge ja punase veini jaoks
627,04 €
−257,56 €
517,65 €
−248,27 €
2040,91 €
−244,64 €
Bahco Tellitav v ti 770mm max 85mm
Tootekood: 1031236 GTIN: 7314150005406 Tööriistad ja tarvikud
405,49 €
−243,51 €
Lauaarvuti DELL Monoblock PC OptiPlex 7410 Business All in One CPU Core i7 i7-13700 2100 MHz Screen 23.8"...
Tootekood: N012O7410AIOPEMEA_VP GTIN: 139707900000 Lauaarvutid
OptiPlex All-in-One 7410 Family OptiPlex Model 7410, PC features Business Case Type All in One, Core i7 CPU i7-13700, 2100 MHz Screen 23.8", Resolution 1920x1080 RAM 16GB, DDR5 SSD 512GB, VGA card Intel UHD Graphics 770 Integrated, Keyboard ENG 2xHDMI, 1xDisplayPort 1xAudio-Out, 5xUSB 3.2 1xUSB-C, 1xRJ45 1xAudio port, WLAN/Bluetooth 802.11ax, Card Reader SD Speakers, Microphone Built-in Camera 5MP, Windows 11 Pro PSU Output 240 Watts, Included Accessories Dell Pro Wireless Keyboard and Mouse - KM5221W Weight 6.76 kg
1-3 tp
1234,00 €
−235,00 €
1-3 tp
1401,00 €
−228,99 €
Külmik Liebherr ECBN 6156
Tootekood: ECBN6156 GTIN: 9005382233573 Külmikud ja jahekapid
5828,60 €
−226,39 €
1939,96 €
−225,92 €
1657,08 €
−221,92 €
Bestway Bassein 3,66mx1,22m; 8982244
Tootekood: 8982244 GTIN: 6942138982244 Aia- ja õuemööbel
Karkassbassein filtriga Bestway Steel Pro Max, 366x122 cm, sinine
374,00 €
−221,00 €
Kantav nutiseade Polar M430 Black S
Tootekood: 90080281 GTIN: 725882053233 Kantavad nutiseadmed
Polar M430 on randmepõhise südame löögisagedusega, täiustatud treeningufunktsioonidega ja ööpäevaringselt töötava aktiivsusmonitoriga GPS-spordikell – tipptasemel kell jooksjatele, kes soovivad ennast ületada.; Aktiivsusandur nüüd ...
233,99 €
−215,00 €
GGM Gastro Söögilauakomplekt CHICAGO NEW 6-tooliga
Tootekood: K27163 GTIN: 4741617102768 Mööbel
Tool TIFFANY 45x63xH49/104cm, iste ja seljatugi: nahk, värvus: tumepruun, jalad: tamm, viimistlus: õlitatud. Lauajalad 8x8cm. Kui soovite pikemat söögilauda, siis on võimalik juurde osta lauapikendus CHICAGO 45x90cm koodiga 27166.
1-3 tp
1187,00 €
−212,00 €