Panasonic ES-LV9Q-S803

Panasonic ES-LV9Q-S803

Tootekirjeldus inglise keeles: Incredible precision during shavingMeet shaver new generation of ES-LV9Q head Multi-flex 5D, the Japanese technology and 5 blades linear motor. Comes with an advanced cleaning station.Multi-Flex 5D headThe newly developed head suspension mechanism improves its movement in five directions. The free movement of the head allows better follow the contours of the face. Closer contact translates into smoother skin.5-blade cutting system with smooth slidingThree different foils work together to capture and cut even the parts of stubble that are difficult to access. Combinator blade Provides a better shave for initial long hairs. Quick Lift Foil Its narrow edges raise and cut the flat lying hairs under the chin. Finishing film The outer films grab and cut even the most stubborn hair, which allows a close shave. Smooth glide A roll with smooth gliding makes the shaving head easier to turn and sideways when moving on the skin, reducing friction.Polished with the use of nanotechnology internal blades with an attack angle of 30˚The sharp 30 ° angle at which the inner blades are sharpened provides an incredibly accurate shave. The blades moved by a fast motor cut smoothly even the hardest stubble.The ultra-fast linear motor provides a smooth cut at 14,000 cycles per minuteWith a smooth and accurate shave, Panasonic's linear 14,000 cycles / min engine design does not lose power and does not bypass the hair - even when shaving thick hair.The shaving sensor detects the beard density and controls the shaving power1. Dense facial hair: Dynamic movements To prevent loss of power in dense or hard hair, the engine speed is increased for a stronger cut.2. Rare facial hair: Gentle movements When shaving places where the beard is thinner, the power is reduced to ensure a gentle shave that does not damage the skin.Multifunctional arcuate bladesThe outer, round foils perfectly match the shape of the face (even under the chin) and provide a close shave in the entire area. The pull-out trimmer allows you to quickly trim before shaving and precise care.Suitable for cleaningThanks to the waterproof construction, cleaning the shaver is easy and hygienic - just rinse it under running water. You can do an easy and comfortable dry shave or use a foam or gel to get a well-groomed, silky smooth skin. The shaver is thoroughly cleaned of the difficult-to-rinse hairs of the beard and sebum, thanks to which the knives stay sharpened longer.Quality is our heritage, tradition innovationDrawing from the Japanese art of making extremely sharp and durable swords, Panasonic applied the latest technological solutions to produce blades characterized by excellent quality. Only Panasonic uses the techniques of Japanese craftsmanship to produce razor blades.

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Panasonic ES-LV9Q-S803
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