Spokey 81599 Rode Black M

Spokey 81599 Rode Black M

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Create your home gym with us. Spokey equipment will help you take care of your shape, sculpt your figure and develop healthy habits.
Neoprene belt Spokey Rode is an accessory intended primarily for those who plan to do strength training.

We place high demands on our equipment, so we make every effort to use the highest quality materials.

Belt width – 17.5 cm – ensures adequate muscle support. The application of neoprene material allows the freedom of movement.
A buckle and a convenient Velcro fastening allow to adjust the belt’s perimeter to individual needs.

The belt is made of neoprene material which thanks to its properties it stabilizes lumbosacral section of the spine and reduces spinal flexion as well as increases the body temperature by improving blood circulation.

The belt designed for recreational exercise.
During strength training, the muscles of the whole body are exercised. Depending on the exercise, the muscles of the upper or lower body, the back or the abdomen may be more active, leading to fat reduction, muscle gain and fitness.


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