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Huawei E5783 B-230

Tootekood: E5783B GTIN: 6901443269846
Huawei E5783-230 Mobile WiFiThe Huawei E5783B-230 is a 4G mobile Wi-Fi hotspot that allows you to use any network provider of your choice as the device is unlocked. The best feature about this device is its lightning fast download speed reaching up to 300 Mbps! You can use this hotspot with up to 16 different Wi-Fi enabled devices including laptops iPhones smartphones iPad tablets gaming consoles etc. The Huawei E5783B-230 is a perfect companion if you travel to work by train as it has an amazing 6 hours working time!Huawei E5783B is a low cost 4G mobile WiFi hotspot with super fast speeds keeping you connected wherever and whenever- On the beach with family watching a movie gaming camping or glamping updating your social media whilst travelling or for business use! Set up your own private Wi-Fi and connect up to an incredible 16 Wi-Fi enabled gadgets including phones tablets laptops and gaming consoles Travel the world with Huawei E5783 a portable 4G pocket-sized solution to low-cost travel Wi-Fi Choose the best provider for your area as the device is fully unlocked to all networks Travelling? Keep the kids entertained for up to 6 hours with super-fast 4G 300Mbps Wi-Fi
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63,71 €

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Tootekood E5783B
GTIN 6901443269846
Min. hind 63.71
Max. hind 63.71
Toode lisatud 2019-06-03


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