Arctic CPU Cooler Freezer 13

Arctic CPU Cooler Freezer 13

The Freezer 13 carries the legacy of the renowned Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2. With all together 4 high-performance heatpipes the cooler brings 200 Watts cooling performance – enough to cool down every current CPU. While doing so it is extremely silent.Superior Cooling CapacityWith detailed engineering design, the Freezer 13 comprises of four U-shaped high performance heatpipes and 45 efficiently formed aluminum fins. The maximum cooling capacity for this cooler is 200W and is able to dissipate massive heat that is produced in high-end CPUS, such as Intel Core i7.Ultra QuietOperated with a 92mm PWM fan, the entire running operation remains whisper quiet, even at full load. The fan speed normally runs from 600 to 2000RPM, which is sufficient to maintain your CPU at ideal temperature.Multi CompatibilityThe Freezer 13 Featuress wide compatibility with AMD and Intel sockets. Its simple mounting system is designed to fit all current CPU platforms which makes this cooler to have a broad usability and brings overclocking to a new levelEasy InstallationThe unique mounting system via push pins offers excellent stability and is applicable within seconds. The pre-applied ARCTIC MX-4 thermal compound makes the installation a quick and clean process.Attachment Push PinsSocketsuitable 754, 775, AM2, AM2+, 1366, 1156, AM3, 1155, AM3+, FM1, FM2MaterialAluminum YesCooper YesPower Connection PWM fan connectorFan Bearing Fluid Dynamic BearingNumber of Revolutions 600 - 1200 rpmVolume 0 - 0.5 soneVolumetric Flow 0 - 61.8 m3/h, 0 - 36.4 cfmDimensionsFans Fan 1 92 x 92 x 0 mmCooler 123 x 130 x 96 mmTotal 123 x 130 x 96 mmWeightCooler 706 gramsFeaturesincluding Thermal Paste/Pad YesCooling Performance 200 watt(s)


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AMD Socket A
AMD Socket 754
AMD Socket 939
AMD Socket 940
AMD Socket AM4
AMD Socket AM2
AMD Socket AM2+
AMD Socket AM3
Intel Socket 370
Intel Socket 478
Intel Socket 775
Intel Socket 1156
Intel Socket 1366


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