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Dörr Snapshot Mini Black 12MP HD Camouflage looduskaamera

Tootekood: 204505 GTIN: 9997069451649
The Dorr Snapshot Mini 12MP HD Black-LED Wildlife Camera - Camouflage is a powerful yet versatile game and a surveillance camera in a robust, camouflage housing. The 40 Black Vision LED’s mean perfect high-contrast black and white images in the darkness and brilliant recordings at daylight. For use in and outside with the combined picture and video function with the video also recording audio. Features a resolution up to 12MP together with the new sensor 2MP with night auto mode guarantees unprecedented image quality. Motion detection is available within a range of 15m and 52º detection angle depending on the weather conditions.
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Tootekood 204505
GTIN 9997069451649
Min. hind 149.00
Max. hind 149.00
Toode lisatud 2020-03-16


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