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GPad Svan Max Black

Tootekood: KSJY410-BLACK GTIN: 4744441014443
The GPad Svan Max is a beauty of its own. Standing out from the crowd like a shining star, it has the sleekest look of them all. But don’t let yourself be fooled by its looks! The GPad Svan Max might be a smalle scooter, but it has a heart of big one. 8” wheelbase can take you wherever you desire. Extend the maximum range with an additional 5Ah battery pack and drive it maybe even to the end of the world? When in need of a lighter version, just remove the extra battery and store it in your backpack or closet. Svan also features a folding system which makes folding and storage quick and easy. Does driving at nighttime seem to be a problem? Not anymore! The Svan also has a powerful LED light integrated into the handlebar. To top it all off, GPad Svan Max has the so-called “life-time” lasting tyres – the honeycomb tyres. Forget flat tyres and just cruise away with the Svan. When riding with GPad Svan Max, we recommend wearing helmet all times! [embed][/embed]
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Kaup kätte 2-3 tööpäeva jooksul!
E-pood ja salong
429,99 €
TASUTA TARNE Omniva ja DPD pakiautomaati alates 79€ ostust. Soodne järelmaks. Krediitkaardiga makse võimalus. Üle 290 000 täidetud tellimuse.
482,09 €

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Tootekood KSJY410-BLACK
GTIN 4744441014443
Min. hind 429.99
Max. hind 482.09
Toode lisatud 2020-04-21


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