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Browning 2018 Strike Force Extreme looduskaamera

Tootekood: BTC5HDX GTIN: 9993856795767
The Browning 2018 Dark Ops Extreme is one of the invisible flash models of Browning. The main difference between the Dark Ops Extreme and the Spec Ops Advantage is the video resolution. The Browning 2018 Dark Ops Extreme has a fast response and recovery time and can record both photos and videos. The videos can be shot in 720p HD resolution. If you are looking for a small, high-quality, fast and reliable trail camera that can record both photos and videos for a low price, this is one of your best options. If you want higher video resolution, try the Browning Spec Ops Advantage. The Browning 2018 Dark Ops Extreme has a completely invisible infrared flash. This trail camera has a fast response and recovery time and can make both photos and videos. The videos are created in 720p HD resolution. The camera runs up to 6 months on 6 AA batteries (we recommend Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries for best results). The Browning 2018 Dark Ops Extreme works with SDHC memory cards (we recommend to select Class 10 or higher) that are able to write the 720p HD videos to the card quickly. Browning has a number of different models in their range, all of which are available at our shop. The main differences between the models are in the type of flash (invisible or visible infrared), the dimensions (some models are smaller and run on 6 batteries while others are somewhat larger and run on 8 batteries), and the video resolution (720p HD or 1080p FULL HD). Finally, there are small differences between the models in trigger and recovery speeds. Browning trail cameras are an excellent alternative to Bushnell trail cameras. They are a cheaper, very comparable in terms of quality and durability, they generally produce higher quality nighttime recordings (photo and video), and they are roughly equally fast in triggering, although Browning camera tend to be faster when set in video mode. NOTE: ALL CAMERAS ARE SOLD STAND ALONE WITHOUT THE NECESSARY ACCESSORIES FOR GETTING STARTED. TO GET STARTED, YOU NEED AT LEAST A SET OF BATTERIES AND A SDHC MEMORY CARD. THESE AND OTHER ITEMS CAN BE EASILY ADDED TO YOUR ORDER BY TICKING THE OPTIONS TO THE RIGHT OF THE SHORT PRODUCT DESCRIPTION OR BY VISITING THE ACCESSORIES PAGE.  


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Tootekood BTC5HDX
GTIN 9993856795767
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