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Browning 2019 Dark Ops APEX looduskaamera

Tootekood: BTC-6HD-APX GTIN: 9990109765034
For the smallest, most discreet trail camera in the market, look no further than the Dark Ops APEX cameras from Browning.  These cameras feature an invisible infrared flash to ensure game or trespassers on your property aren’t alerted to the camera while it is capturing images or videos.  The Sub Micro case size packs all the performance you would expect from Browning with 18 MP picture capability, 1600 x 900 HD+ videos with sound, lightning fast 0.22 second a trigger speeds, and superior battery life.  Additional features include SD card management options and Smart IR video to keep recording game during the daytime.  The Dark Ops APEX also features adjustable IR flash ranges at night and is capable of working with an industry-leading 512GB SDXC card.  


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179,00 €

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Tootekood BTC-6HD-APX
GTIN 9990109765034
Min. hind 179.00
Max. hind 179.00
Toode lisatud 2021-10-31


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