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Browning 2020 Dark Ops HD MAX looduskaamera

Tootekood: BTC6HD-MAX GTIN: 9994177331085
The Browning Dark Ops HD MAX is the new entry-level model from the Browning 2020 series! Like all Dark Ops models, the Dark Ops HD MAX is equipped with a highly invisible infrared flash, which makes the cameratrap less noticeable to both animals and humans, while taking photos or videos. Both the flash- and detection range are adjustable between a maximum of 18 and 24 meters. This comes in handy when you expect an animal to come close before the camera (e.g. at a bird’s nest or using a lure). In addition, you can adjust the detection speed, from 0.2 to 0.7 seconds. With these fine-tuned features, you can adjust your cameratrap even more to your desired goal. Additional specifications of the Browning Dark Ops HD MAX are: - Detection range of 24 meters / flash range of 24 meters - Maximum photo resolution of 18MP / 900p HD video resolution- Dynamic video function- Time-lapse- Multilangual user interface and a capture timer  


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170,00 €

Toote tehnilised andmed

Tootekood BTC6HD-MAX
GTIN 9994177331085
Min. hind 170.00
Max. hind 170.00
Toode lisatud 2021-10-31


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