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Browning 2020 Patriot looduskaamera

Tootekood: BTC-PATRIOT-FHD GTIN: 9995778085551
Browning 2020 PatriotThe Browning Patriot is the latest model from the 2020 Browning collection, and a new addition to the dual lens technology. The sensor and lens combination has been fine-tuned to deliver clear and razor-sharp images both day and night, including a completely invisible infrared flash of military quality! The dual lens makes the cameratrap completely silent, since there is no mechanical filter needed that slides in front of the lens when the invisible infrared flash turns on. This makes the cameratrap even less conspicuous! Additional specifications of the Browning Patriot are: Detection range of 28 meter (adjustable)Flash range of 33 meter (adjustable)Maximum photo resolution of 24MP (interpolated)1080p HD video resolution (60 fps)Dynamic video function (Smart IR)Time-lapseMultilingual user interfaceCapture timer, with which you can select a custom time frame to capture events Browning 2020 Patriot | AppearanceThe Browning Patriot has a compact housing covered with a camouflage print, and is easy to distinguish due to the presence of two lenses (just like the Dark Ops Pro XD and the Strike Force Pro XD). The cameratrap has a cover on the lower part of the front where the settings need to be entered. The 2.0-inch internal color viewer makes it possible to see live the view of the cameratrap and to review captured images or videos directly in the field, which makes the set-up of the cameratrap a lot easier. The AA batteries (8 pieces) go into a special battery compartment, which is pushed into the bottom of the cameratrap. When using Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries, the camera can last a very long time! Browning 2020 Patriot | Benefits+ insanely fast trigger- and recovery time (0.15s/0.35s) + complete invisible infrared flash + internal 2.0 inch color viewer + intuitive menu settings, in multiple languages + great battery life + SD card management + capture timer, with which you can select a custom time frame to capture events


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GTIN 9995778085551
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