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Browning 2021 Recon Force Elite HP4 looduskaamera

Tootekood: BTC7E-HP4 GTIN: 9995138881823
Browning 2021 Recon Force ELITE HP4The Browning Recon Force ELITE HP4 features high-power infrared LEDs to give you the highest quality night pictures available in any conditions! The Recon Force ELITE HP4 is equipped with all kinds of handy features with which you can perfectly adjust your cameratrap to your desired goal. For example, you can adjust the flash, detection range, detection time and video quality. This comes in handy when you use the cameratrap for various purposes. Additional specifications of the Browning Recon Force ELITE HP4 are: Detection range of 24 meter (adjustable)Flash range of 40 meter (adjustable)Maximum Photo resolution of 22MP (interpolated)1080p HD video resolution (30 or 60 fps)Dynamic video function (Smart IR) videofunctieTime-lapseMultilangual user interfaceCapture timer, with which you can select a custom time frame to capture events Browning 2021 Recon Force ELITE HP4 | AppearanceDe Browning Recon Force ELITE HP4 has a housing with a camouflage print. The cameratrap has a cover on the lower half of the front where the settings need to be entered. The 2.0-inch internal color viewer makes it possible to see live the view of the cameratrap and to review captured images or videos directly in the field, which makes the set-up of the cameratrap a lot easier. The AA batteries (8 pieces) go into a special battery compartment, which is pushed into the bottom of the cameratrap. When using Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries, the camera can last extra long. Browning 2021 Recon Force ELITE HP4 | Benefits+ very fast detection- and recovery time (0.1s/0.5s) + internal 2.0 inch color viewer + intuitive menu settings + respectable battery life + SD card management


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Tootekood BTC7E-HP4
GTIN 9995138881823
Min. hind 210.00
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Toode lisatud 2021-10-31


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