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Vixen Artes 5-30x56 ED kiik (MLR20 võrguga)

Tootekood: X000254 GTIN: 9999047129991
The ARTES 5-30x56 ED is a specialist for targets at distances of 1,000m and beyond. Vixen decided to construct the ARTES 5-30x56 ED with a 34mm central tube diameter in order to ensure sufficient space for a large adjustment range (100 MOA for height and lateral adjustment). The height and lateral adjustment may be zeroed without a tool and have an internal zero stop. They also feature a very solid but quiet click which helps you to make accurate adjustments without distraction. Special attention has been paid here to usability with gloves. Parallax compensation is absolutely necessary at the long distances and high magnification for which the ARTES 5-30x56 ED has been developed. This ensures that there is no parallax error, and the target is always sharp and clear. Vixen uses two ED (extra-low dispersion) lenses in order to reduce the system’s chromatic aberration to a minimum and to obtain a very sharp and bright image (maximum light transmission 88%). Shooting in the desert often means that you are operating in a beige- and red-tone dominated environment. Here, the excellent Vixen Red Dot, as it is known, is not necessarily the best solution. Vixen has solved this problem by enabling the dot (MLR20 0,5MOA) and cross (EDL20) of the ARTES 5-30x56 to be switched between red and green. In both models the illumination switches off automatically after 2 hours. Both sights are MOA based, as are the elevation turrets.  


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Tootekood X000254
GTIN 9999047129991
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Toode lisatud 2021-10-31


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