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Vixen Sight II+ 3.5 M.O.A punase punktiga vintpüssi

Tootekood: X000222 GTIN: 9995755445156
The Vixen Sight II + is the ideal, compact solution for the fast detection of targets during hunting and sporty shooting, for both long and hand guns.The Vixen Sight II + can be mounted on Picatinny rails with the mounting plate (# 59318) as the main optic. If a target optic is already on the weapon, you can use a piggyback mount to mount the Vixen Sight II. So you can react quickly to near targets with the optics on distance and the Vixen Sight II +.You have a wide range of mounts as the Vixen Sight II + is compatible with DOCTERsight mounts.The Vixen Sight II + is practical to use. So it is enough to remove the protective cap to activate the red dot, the Vixen Sight II + regulates the luminous intensity of the red dot automatically according to the ambient conditions.  


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380,00 €

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Tootekood X000222
GTIN 9995755445156
Min. hind 380.00
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Toode lisatud 2021-10-31


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