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Bresser DL-30MP looduskaamera

Tootekood: 3310007 GTIN: 9991888636089
The DL-30MP from BRESSER is hardly visible thanks to its camouflage colours. With a discret 850nm IR flash this camera is ideal for object protection or nature observation. The camera has a motion sensor with a range of approx. 20 m, which automatically triggers the wildlife camera at the slightest movement. In addition, its weather proof housing makes it suitable for all seasons. Thanks to the DualLens System, the camera has 2 lenses which are both perfectly adjusted to the different conditions day and night. Thus the night sensor has a better light recording capability. The daylight camera is set to the right parameters during the day. So you get sharp and well exposed photos or videos by day and night.Not only photos are possible with this camera. Also video recordings, optionally steplessly from 5-60 seconds in length, can be recorded with it. The camera can be used during the day (colour images) and thanks to the infrared lighting and 2nd camera also during the night (black and white). The low power consumption guarantees a long use without the need to change the batteries constantly.FEATURES DualLens system for optimal day and night recording highly sensitive infrared motion sensor allows photo and video recording (photo 30MP; video 1920x1080 coloured images by day, monochrome images by night 4 built-in high power infrared LED for extra low power consumption; super fast 0.25 sec. photo release time low power consumption for long operating time (up to 12 months in stand-by mode) timer function also possible to take pictures manually tripod connection thread 1/4’’, SD card slot USB connection Scope of delivery digital surveillance/video camera USB cable mounting strap operating instructions  


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Tootekood 3310007
GTIN 9991888636089
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