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Spypoint Solar Dark looduskaamera

Tootekood: 680096 GTIN: 9996200728039
The SOLAR-DARK from SPYPOINT is a truly revolutionary trail camera design. The integrated solar panel technology from SPYPOINT means the days of being a slave to your trail camera’s battery life are over. The internal lithium battery is powered by the solar panel, meaning potentially unlimited battery life is within reach.The SOLAR-DARK also makes use of virtually undetectable invisible LEDs. The Hybrid Illumination Technology means you can adjust the flash settings to suit your specific needs. Use the no-glow setting when concealment is a must, on heavily used trails or that big buck’s core area. The boost or blur reduction settings allow you to reach into food plots or pastures where the focus is less likely to be on the camera. Optimal mode allows you to blend the settings for a lower-glow effect that has slightly more range.• 12 megapixels• 0.07-second trigger speed• 90-foot flash range (no-glow)• 110-foot detection rangeEven with all that the SOLAR-DARK has even more to offer, as it is equipped with the industry’s fastest trigger speed, at a blistering 0.07 seconds. Even if the game could see the invisible LEDs, they wouldn’t be able to react before the camera springs into action and captures them in up to six images on multi-shot mode. The SOLAR-DARK also features time-lapse and video modes. The SOLAR-DARK just might be the most complete trail camera anywhere on the market.  


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Tootekood 680096
GTIN 9996200728039
Min. hind 249.90
Max. hind 249.90
Toode lisatud 2022-09-13


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