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Godox ES30 E-Sports LED Panel Kit

Tootekood: ES30KIT GTIN: 6952344225004
Godox ES30 E-Sport with telescopic desk stand is an excellent choice when you want an easy-to-use, lightweight yet controllable lighting LED kit. In addition to the ES30 LED panel itself, the kit includes a power adapter, cable and a dedicated telescopic desk stand. The color temperature of the ES30 can be set between 2800-6500K. Want to get started in e-sports streaming but don’t know how to look professional to the audience? Find your answer on ES30. Portаble and affordable with super soft illumination, it reduces the harsh shadow on your face and creates a glowing look, making your channel stand out from the mundane mass of others. When you need to focus on the screen for a long time everyday, a light comfortаble for the eyes is a must-have. Adopting edge-lit technology, ES30 provides softer and more even lighting than average streaming lights, bright but never too harsh. Adjustаble finely in 1% or quickly in 10% increments, the ES30 gives you the desired light intensity precisely and efficiently. A wide color temperature range from 2800K-6500K enables you to change the mood of your channel and build your style. Also easy to fit in the light setup you already have. Fanless design is suitаble exactly for sound-sensitive streaming occasions. With no extra noises to bother, you are free to share, to enjoy, to be the center of attention. Godox Light app (IOS/Android) makes remote control of ES30 a breeze. But that’s far from over. With the group control function, it can adjust ES30 and other Godox fill lights/ambient lights in the room together or separately, taking the whole studio light setup under control at your fingertips. ES30 owns every practical feature to benefit your streaming. The swivel light head helps to find the perfect beam angle. The slim body, when comes with the telescopic desk-mounted pole, can fit the narrow slot between desk and wall to adapt to very limited space. If your desk is too thick to mount, the desktop stand will serve as a good alternative. Perfect match with microphone EM68X Embrace a professional look and let your voice be heard. If ES30 helps to realize the former, the e-sports mic EM68X aims for the latter. Smart, full-featured and clear-sounding, it has four pickup patterns and owns stylish light effects, ensuring high-quality audio while adding a cool mood to your streaming. Godox Mic app, which is upgraded and refined, allowing full control of the mic from gain to RGB light to noise cancellation. In package: ES30 LED Panel, adapter, power cable, telescopic desk stand, original packaging.


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Tootekood ES30KIT
GTIN 6952344225004
Min. hind 129.00
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Toode lisatud 2022-10-18


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