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Tooted HV-s
Toode Laoseis Hind  

1 x 17 m

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GTIN: 7612980444090

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GTIN: 7612981603007

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GTIN: 7612981685935

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GTIN: 7612981626419

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20 cm 5 cm WOLL DIAMOND LITE 1520DPI

2-7 tp. 77,00 € Poodi Info

20x30cm 50vnt

2-7 tp. 12,00 € Poodi Info

24 cm 9 cm 40 l WOLL CONCEPT PRO 824CO

2-7 tp. 126,00 € Poodi Info

2400W Grizzly EKS 2440 QT

GTIN: 4035485006021

2-7 tp. 94,05 € Poodi Info

255mm Grizzly MTS 4314

2-7 tp. 27,00 € Poodi Info

32 cm WOLL S32W

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3in1 162957650 62957650

GTIN: 4039784712300

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3in1 1l 62957500

GTIN: 4039784712102

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3in1 1l 62957580

GTIN: 4039784712188

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3in1 500ml 62957630

GTIN: 4039784712232

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40x60cm 25 vnt

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50 bags 20x30 cm for Guzzanti vacuum sealers

GTIN: 5050370005513
20 cm x 30 cm 3D structure Tear resistant Suitable for Sous-Vide cookers Recyclable and reusable Model GZ 302 EAN 5050370005513 Dimensions (H x W x D) 20 x 30 cm Weight 0,515 kg Packing dims. (H x W x D) 5 x 20 x 30 cm Packing weight 0,54 kg 

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50 bags 28x40 cm for Guzzanti vacuum sealers

GTIN: 5050370005520
28 cm x 40 cm 3D structure Tear resistant Suitable for Sous-Vide cookers Recyclable and reusable Model GZ 303 EAN 5050370005520 Dimensions (H x W x D) 28 x 40 cm Weight 0,94 kg Packing dims. (H x W x D) 5 x 28 x 40 cm Packing weight 0,97 kg

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5l 62953600

GTIN: 4039784359697

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5l 62953610

GTIN: 4039784359703

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80W90 GTronic 1 L

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Additional drums for slicer KitchenAid EMVSC

 Additional drums for mixer accessory slicer / grater 5KSMVSA. The set includes 3 drums: Fine grater - Parmesan cheese and harder vegetables. Coarse vegetable grater - softer vegetables, potatoes, cabbage, etc. Parmesan grater - Parmesan cheese, harder vegetables.  Additional drums (5KSMEMWSC) can only be used with a slicer (5KSMVSA).  The drums can be washed in the dishwasher. Mixer accessories are suitable for all KitchenAid mixer models.  FEATURES Height 20.3 cm Width 10.2 cm Depth 20.8 cm Weight 0.6 kg Material Stainless steel  More information on the manufacturer's page. 

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AEG BCE455350M

2-7 tp. 489,00 € Poodi Info

AEG BCE556350B

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AEG BCE558370B

GTIN: 7332543779475

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AEG BEE542320M

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AEG BPE548370M

GTIN: 7332543779451

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AEG BPE556320M

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AEG BPE642120M

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AEG BPE748380B

GTIN: 7332543774616

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AEG BPE748380M

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AEG BSE778380B

GTIN: 7332543774609
STEAM - A NEW STANDARD FOR DELICIOUS FOOD Reach a new level of food with the SteamCrisp oven. How? In a traditional oven, the heat is compatible with steam, so the food is crispy and brown on the outside but juicy and soft on the inside. PERFECT RESULTS USING A COOKING THERMOMETER With the cooking thermometer of this oven, you can measure the internal temperature inside your dish during cooking. So every time you get a great result. OVEN WITH SELF - CLEANING FUNCTION Due to the pyrolytic cleaning function, dirt, grease and food residues in the oven turn into ashes, which you can easily clean with a damp cloth. Features: An independent oven is integrated Meat thermometer Electronic temperature control Oven cooking functions: Bottom, Fan + lighting, Grill, Grill + bottom, Grill + bottom + fan, Grill + fan, Ring heating + bottom + fan, Ring heating + fan Quick oven heating function Automatic temperature suggestion Automatic programs by weight Memory function for frequently used oven settings Child lock function: The child lock function protects against possible unpleasant events. Safety function that automatically shuts off the oven Technical data: OPERATION: Useful volume, l: 71 Purification method: Pyrolysis Temperature range: 30 ° C to 300 ° C MOUNTING: Device dimensions AxPxG, (mm): 594x595x567 Mounting dimensions AxPxG, (mm): 590x560x550 Fuse (A): 16 Weight (net), kg: 37 ENERGY: Maximum electrical power, W: 3500 Energy efficiency class: A ++ OTHER: Article number (PNC): 944 188 488 Power cord length, m: 1.5 Voltage, V: 230 Baking tray holders: Chrome-plated, Side grill Baking grill: 1 chrome grill Additional accessories: TR1LFSTV Door protection: Electronic lock, Automatic lock during pyrolysis Bar code: 7332543774609 ProductTitle: Steam oven 7000 series SteamCrisp with food thermometer  Energy label: More information on the manufacturer's page

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AEG BSE788380M

GTIN: 7332543774579
STEAMING MASTERED. WITH STEAMIFY® Mastering precise results with steam has never been easier. Select your desired cooking temperature and Steamify® will automatically add the optimal amount of steam to match. Preserving important nutrients for healthier flavours in every dish. FUNCTIONAL. INTEGRATED. PERSONALISED. SMART KITCHEN Remotely manage your oven, explore our various partners, and even get personalised cooking assistance, all via the My AEG Kitchen App. It’s the convenient and easy way to enrich your Smart Kitchen experience. COOK TO TASTE, EVERY TIME By precisely measuring the core temperature of your food, the Food Sensor lets you know when your rare, medium or well done meat is ready. As well as cooking fish and vegetables just the way you like them. INTUITIVE OVEN COOKING. WITH THE EXCITE TOUCH DISPLAY The EXCite Touch Display provides access to a wide variety of oven functions to suit every dish. It also makes it easy to adjust oven temperature and timings. And gives you direct feedback, and highlights the most important information. FAST HEAT-UP TIME, TO GET YOU COOKING QUICKLY Superior and quick cooking results - this oven heats up fast, giving you more time to enjoy the meal with your family and friends.  Features: 70 litre oven capacity: More room for your cooking thanks to its large oven capacity Inclined FloodLight™ focuses 100% on the food : Specially positioned at the front of the oven and angled directly onto the food. Fan controlled defrosting: Suitable for delicate items such as cream cakes, this light defrost circulates room temperature air around the food slowly, defrosting it hygienically in less than 1/2 the time! LED digital display: Clear information at a glance with the LED display Base heat finishing: Heat from the bottom element only. Perfect for reheating pies and pastries as it keeps the pastry crisp. It can also be used on warm plates. Food probe: The electronic food probe takes the guesswork out of cooking. Once the selected internal temperature has been reached the oven will automatically switch off, ensuring perfect cooking results. Child lock for added safety: Oven controls can be locked to prevent misuse, providing safety and peace of mind. 'A' energy class Electronic Touch Controls: Electronic touch controls for easy use Performance: Cleaning: Steam Temperature range: 30°C - 230°C Maximum Microwave output (W): 0 Cavity size: 70 Largest Surface area: 1424 Noise: 53 Installation: Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD): 594x595x567 Dimensions: 590x560x550 Required Fuse: 16 Colour: Stainless Steel with antifingerprint coating Energy: Total electricity loading, W: 3500 Frequency: 50 Energy class: A++ Energy consumption, conventional mode, kWh per cycle: 1.09 Energy consumption per EU standard cycle: 0 Other: Product number (PNC): 944 188 501 Cavity coating: Grey Enamel Voltage: 240 Water Tank Capacity: 950 ml Grids type - Bottom Oven: No  Energy label: More information on the manufacturer's page About the manufacturer: AEG's many years of experience testify to the traditions of the German market. The company has been developing products for professionals who value quality, innovation and durability for more than a hundred years. All the company's products are designed with the user's wishes in mind, ensuring flawless operation and excellent design. 

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AEG BSE792320B

2-7 tp. 915,00 € Poodi Info

AEG BSK788380M

GTIN: 7332543774593

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GTIN: 7332543767434

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GTIN: 7332543655588

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GTIN: 7332543749423

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GTIN: 7332543671687

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GTIN: 7332543770694

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GTIN: 7332543738700

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GTIN: 7332543735983

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GTIN: 7332543668892

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GTIN: 7332543737444

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GTIN: 7332543682621

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GTIN: 7332543548149

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GTIN: 7332543622641

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AEG KKE884500B

2-7 tp. 1 419,00 € Poodi Info

AEG KMK721000M

2-7 tp. 649,00 € Poodi Info


GTIN: 7332543548446

2-7 tp. 525,00 € Poodi Info


Features: Fabric-friendly drum Protex ™. An electronic moisture sensor that measures the moisture level in the fabrics, recalculating the drying time so that the fabrics are not over-dried. DualSense ™ is a washing system that allows you to wash and dry sensitive fabrics, including those that can only be washed by hand. ProSense ™ is a technology that selects the optimal time of the washing cycle according to the size of the load and the optimal water consumption according to the water absorption of the fabric (the washing cycle can be adapted even to small loads: 1-2 Kg). ÖKOMix ™ is a technology where water is mixed with detergent and fabric softener in a special container before being added to the drum, thus achieving better absorption and accessibility of each fabric. ÖKOInverter ™ is a long-life motor without carbon brushes, which ensures low e. cost and noise, and up to 25% faster washing without loss of quality. PlusSteam ™ is a technology that sprays steam during washing, resulting in a 30% reduction in wrinkles in the fabrics. SoftPlus ™ is a technology that distributes the fabric evenly under the drum before the last rinse, so that the softener is better absorbed and not concentrated in one place. Direct Spray ™ - direct injection ensures even mixing and distribution of water and detergents on fabrics, the end result will leave no detergent stains on clothes. Silent System ™ - a washing machine with a special insulation system, operates extremely quietly. ÖKOPower (4h / 5kg) - a continuous program of 5 Kg washing and drying with the smallest e. energy consumption and in a particularly short time. WEIGHT sensor. Programs: Cotton, Cotton Economy, Synthetics, Delicate, Wool Plus, New Outdoor, OKOPOWER (5kg / 4h), Steam Refresh, Rinse (Rpm Dep), Spin / Drain. Additional programs: On / off, Anticrease, Quick, Start / pause, Temperature selection, Spin selection, Stains / Prewash, Delay start, Mode, Autodry, Drying time. Flow meter water inlet sensor. Aqua control sensor. Non-foaming rinsing system. Drum balance control. Possibility of delayed activation. Child lock. WoolMark Blue - it is possible to wash wool fabrics even if the laundry washing badge does not allow it (clear only with the Wool program). Technical data: Washing load: 9 kg Drying load: 6 kg Color: white Energy class: A (170 kWh / year) Washing class: A Drilling class: A (max. 1600 rpm) Noise level during washing: 51 dB. Noise level during drilling: 77 dB. Noise level during drying: 63 dB. Dimensions (AxPxG): 85x60x60.5 cm.  Energy label: More information on the manufacturer's page

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LOW TEMPERATURE - BETTER EFFICIENCY AND ECONOMY Our world's first washer-dryer with a unique heat pump using SensiDry Technology®, a leading technology. ÖKOKombi technology uses unparalleled tissue knowledge to create the most efficient and cost-effective applications. This saves up to 40% energy and water per cycle compared to other appliances.  DUAL TECHNOLOGY FOR CARE MAINTENANCE DualSense technology offers different applications depending on the type of fabric. Reduced heat and movements ensure that even more demanding fabrics can be washed safely. Both washing and drying cycles are approved by Woolmark Blue, so safe washing of handwashed clothes is guaranteed. A washing program is also offered for outdoor clothing, while preserving the texture of the material.  NEXT GENERATION LAUNDRY. USING MY AEG CARE Specially tailored care by connecting the washing machines to the My AEG Care app. Take advantage of the AEG experience from anywhere. Remotely set custom programs, get cycle recommendations for your clothes, and notifications when your laundry is ready. Tailored clothing at the touch of a finger.  ADJUSTABLE CYCLES FOR ABSOLUTE COMFORT ProSense Technology® automatically adjusts the washing and drying time according to the amount of laundry. Convenient and economical cycles help save time, energy and water, whether there is a lot or a little laundry.  ONLY THREE HOURS OF LAUNDRY WASHED AND DRYED With the NonStop 3h / 3kg program, up to 3 kg of laundry can be washed and dried in just three hours. It will be possible to wear the clothes after one washing and drying process without any interruptions. The most convenient way to care for clothes - no compromises.  Features: Freestanding washer-dryer Hand wash program that allows you to wash clothes marked with the "Hand wash" label in the washing machine. Wool washing program, which allows you to wash clothes marked with the label "Wool" in the washing machine. Foam protection Drum balance loss control Legs: 4 adjustable Flood protection Applications: Cotton, Eco Cotton, Synthetics, Non-stop 3h / 3kg, Sensitive Fabrics, Silk, Wool / Handwash, Outdoor, Down Jackets, Jeans, Sportswear, Steam, Cashmere Steam, Drilling (Rpm Dep), Drilling, Drying, Antiallergic , Laundry cleaning, Bedding, Microfiber, Towels, Wool, Work clothes, Dark Clothes, Children's clothes XXL Protex drum HeatPump technology   Technical data: Maximum drilling, rpm: 1600 Noise (washing), dB (A): 49 Noise (when drilling), dB (A): 75 Noise (on drying), dB (A): 66 Washing class: A Motor: Inverter Residual moisture,%: 44  Mounting: Dimensions AxPxG, (mm): 870x600x630 Maximum depth, mm: 660 Water supply: Cold Fuse (A): 10 Weight (net), kg: 97.5 Color: White  Energy: Energy class: A Energy consumption for washing, kWh: 0.9 Energy consumption for washing / drying, kWh: 4.07 Annual energy consumption, kWh: 180 Annual energy consumption for washing / drying, kWh: 814 Water consumption, l: 77 Annual water consumption, l: 15000 Annual water consumption during washing / drying, l: 15400 Power, W: 2200  Other: Article number (PNC): 914 600 339 Washing / drying capacity, kg: 10/6 Washing technology: Eco Valve Display: TFT Water spill protection: Pressure sensor Cable length, m: 1.8 Voltage, V: 230 Bar code: 7332543715848 ProductTitle: 9000 Series Front-loading washer-dryer 10 kg 1600 rpm  More information on the manufacturer's page 

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GTIN: 7332543605378

2-7 tp. 444,00 € Poodi Info


GTIN: 7332543631506

2-7 tp. 322,00 € Poodi Info


2-7 tp. 284,00 € Poodi Info


GTIN: 7332543735785

2-7 tp. 429,00 € Poodi Info


GTIN: 7332543748426

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GTIN: 7332543773237

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Aero17 540032

GTIN: 4779035273876

2-7 tp. 72,00 € Poodi Info

Air conditioner Guzzanti GZ 1201

GTIN: 8594186721146
Portable air conditioner 3 in 1: 3 functions: cooling, dehumidifying and fan Cooling power 3500 W, 12000 BTU/h Energy class for cooling: A Self-evaporating system for condensing water Auto function – automatically maintains the set temperature by ventilation control Manual function – 3 operation speeds Air flow volume 410 m3/hour Low-noise mode Temperature display Timer 0 - 24 hours Remote control Temperature control range 18 - 32°C Dehumidifier Function: efficient moisture removal up to 23 liters per day The drain pipe for the dehumidifier function Refrigerant: 100% ecological refrigerant R290 Low noise level: 65 dB Flexible hose for hot air outflow: 1,5 m, diameter 150 mm Removable washable air filter Swivel wheels for easy handling Energy efficiency ratio (EER) 2,6 kW Specifications: Dimensions (H x W x D) 84,6 x 39,4 x 35,2 cm Weight 24 kg Packing dims. (H x W x D) 88 x 57,5 x 42,5 cm Packing weight 28,5 kg Max. power consumption 1350 W  More information on the manufacturer's page

2-7 tp. 479,00 € Poodi Info

Air conditioner Guzzanti GZ 54

Portable air conditioner, air humidifier and air purifier. 3 in 1 function: cooling, purification and humidification Negative ion function Water tank volume 4 L + drain valve Air flow volume 250 m3/hour Timer 0 - 120 minutes Controllable vertical and horizontal slats of 120° range 3 speeds of air vent WIND function for automatic wind swing Washable air filter Cooling power 70 W Handle and wheels for easy moving Ice box as accessory Model GZ 54 EAN 8594186720347 Dimensions (H x W x D) 63,4 x 20 x 32,4 cm Weight 5 kg Packing dims. (H x W x D) 67 x 25,2 x 37,2 cm Packing weight 6,5 kg 

2-7 tp. 99,00 € Poodi Info

Air conditioner Guzzanti GZ 903

GTIN: 8594186721139
Portable air conditioner 3 in 1 3 functions: cooling, dehumidifying and fan Cooling power 2600 W, 9000 BTU/h Energy class for cooling: A Compact design Self-evaporating system for condensing water (without water tank) Soft-touch control and white LED display Auto function – automatically maintains the set temperature by ventilation control Manual function – 3 operation speeds Air flow volume 400 m3/hour Low-noise mode Temperature display Timer 0 - 24 hours Remote control Vertically and horizontally adjustable slats for for better cold air distribution Temperature control range 17 - 35°C Dehumidifier Function: efficient moisture removal up to 50 liters per day The drain pipe for the dehumidifier function Refrigerant: 100% ecological refrigerant R290 Low noise level: 55 - 65 dB Flexible hose for hot air outflow: 1,5 m, diameter 150 mm Removable washable air filter Swivel wheels for easy handling Energy efficiency ratio (EER) 2,6 kW Model GZ 903 EAN 8594186721139 Dimensions (H x W x D) 49 x 36 x 48 cm Weight 24 kg Packing dims. (H x W x D) 53 x 39 x 51 cm Packing weight 26 kg Max. power consumption 980 W 

2-7 tp. 469,00 € Poodi Info

Air Fryer Guzzanti GZ 31D

GTIN: 8594186721634
Air fryer with a minimum of oil or completely without fat use for frying hot air and so prepares healthier fried meals. Hot air rapidly circulates inside the fryer and keeps optimal temperature of the heating element which bakes, fries or deep-fries. You can prepare various meals like meat, fish, shrimps, fried potatoes or French fries with minimum of smoke and odor. 3 L capacity non-stick basket 6 preset programs Touch panel for temperature control and time setting LED temperature and time display on the body 80°C – 200°C temperature setting Easy and quick to operate and clean Auto-shut off function Overheating protection 60 minutes timer Model GZ 31D EAN 8594186721634 Dimensions (H x W x D) 28,4 x 23 x 28,8 cm Weight 6,2 kg Packing dims. (H x W x D) 30,5 x 27,5 x 27,5 cm Packing weight 8,1 kg Max. power consumption 1500 W Color black 

2-7 tp. 75,00 € Poodi Info

Air humidifier Guzzanti GZ 989

GTIN: 8594186721221
Digital ultrasound air humidifier. LED screen with humidity display. Touch panel with 3 step power setting. Automatic humidity control. 12 hours timer. Suitable for rooms up to 40 m2. Automatic switch off in case lack of water. Water tank volume 5,5 l. Comfortable top water filling. Felt for aromatic oil application. Ceramic filter for water decalcification. Model GZ 989 EAN 8594186721221 Dimensions (H x W x D) 31,9 x 21,2 x 21,2 cm Weight 1,53 kg Packing dims. (H x W x D) 35,5 x 24,5 x 24,5 cm Packing weight 2,3 kg Max. power consumption 30 W 

2-7 tp. 78,00 € Poodi Info

Air purifier Guzzanti GZ 995

GTIN: 8594186721238
Intelligent odor sensor system CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) – 320 m3/h Application area – 22-38 m2 Remove PM 2.5 – eliminates particles larger than 2,5 microns with 99,9% efficiency Control panel shows 3 levels of air pollution (PM 2,5) using 3 colors (green – excellent, orange – moderately polluted, red – heavily polluted) Auto Mode – automatically sets intensity of purification Sleep mode – the noise level is 29dB for undisturbed sleep Negative ions density is 20 millions / m3 Timer – allows to set number of hours of operation, then it switches off Child lock – prevents unintended changes in settings Double control operation – touch panel + remote control 3 levels of fan speed Model GZ 995 EAN 8594186721238 Dimensions (H x W x D) 66,5 x 37 x 19,5 cm Weight 8,5 kg Packing dims. (H x W x D) 72 x 42 x 25,3 cm Packing weight 11 kg  

2-7 tp. 219,00 € Poodi Info

Ajustoform DIANA B

2-7 tp. 128,00 € Poodi Info

Akvasanita D501

2-7 tp. 19,00 € Poodi Info

AKZ9 6230 S

2-7 tp. 268,00 € Poodi Info

ALCAPLAST AM101M1710M9127900025CDE 6WPW

2-7 tp. 280,00 € Poodi Info

ALLEGRO 90 cm 2 LED IP44 1104607

2-7 tp. 165,00 € Poodi Info


GTIN: 8007465066871

2-7 tp. 117,00 € Poodi Info

Allenzi CT 60 IX

GTIN: 8001120936240

2-7 tp. 161,00 € Poodi Info

Allenzi CTST 60

GTIN: 8002762655555

2-7 tp. 232,00 € Poodi Info

Allenzi GL PLUS 50 BL

2-7 tp. 118,00 € Poodi Info

Allenzi GL50

2-7 tp. 15,00 € Poodi Info

Allenzi GL50 PLUS LED

GTIN: 8033753059966

2-7 tp. 169,00 € Poodi Info

Allenzi KBH5206 B

2-7 tp. 256,00 € Poodi Info

Allenzi PE29A

GTIN: 2005032144416

2-7 tp. 141,00 € Poodi Info

Allenzi PG3020BG B

2-7 tp. 138,00 € Poodi Info

Allenzi PG4031G W

2-7 tp. 159,00 € Poodi Info