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Astronomie-Verlag Antronomie-Verlag Plakat Meie Linnutee galaktika
Tootekood: 60433 GTIN: 9990415436024 Maalid ja fotoraamid
Our own galaxy as a DIN A1 poster, didactically prepared and clearly illustrated The poster impresses with its large panorama, which shows the visual impression of the Milky Way as a shimmering band in the night sky. On it the most striking constellations, stars and selected celestial objects are marked. On additional individual maps, the image of the galaxy is also displayed in four further wavelength ranges and its physical meaning explained. In addition, texts, photos and graphics deepen the understanding of our cosmic homeland: A journey from our solar system through the Milky Way to the neighboring galaxies gives a clear picture of the distance scales and the structure of the universe. The schematic map in the middle shows exactly where our sun and nearby celestial objects are in the galaxy and provides an overview of the spiral arms. While these rotate in millions of years around the Milky Way Center, the objects go through their own life cycle. This evolution of stars and nebulae and their relationships are explained and illustrated using well-known deep-sky objects.
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Planet Poster Editions Poster Editions Päikesesüsteemi plakat
Tootekood: 1505 GTIN: 9999466082587 Maalid ja fotoraamid
This poster, produced in collaboration with the Max Planck Institut für Aeronomie (Katlenburg/Lindau), gives an overview of the most important interrelationships in our solar system. As well as the Sun and the planets, comets and asteroids are also discussed. Abstract terms, such as ’heliosphere’, are explained by means of easily understandable sketches. Several sketches are used to illustrate the size relationships in the solar system and to give an impression of the distances involved. The most important space probes - those which provided significant insights to our present state of knowledge - are shown in detail. Most of the photographs on this poster are sourced from NASA and ESA.
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